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This Month's Gemstone Inspiration...

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 So utterly in love with pyrite, faceted pyrite to be exact. The way the light splits upon each vertice and angle, casting a warm silvery yet still fiery golden shimmer-- I mean, wow! It just never gets old! The gemstone itself is also associated with positivity, grounding and prosperity. I am also loving the latest returning trend (that really has never gone out of fashion, timeless and seeming perpetual classic) are the daintier more minimalist and yes I will say feminine jewelry accessories. In every form, rings to necklaces to lobe-twinkle they all give just that needed hint of light-dance and come-hither but makes you want to get a little closer for a better investigation. Perhaps these pieces could be associated with a slightly more intimate feel than even a chunky and more immediately provocative necklace or cuff. 

In every possible medium these 'wispier' lines are taking the world of adornment by storm again and being a true Gypsy-- home whatever and wherever the road goes, is the exciting challenge that leads to soaring inspiration to create a mini line of more incredibly delicate (yet durable) pieces that can offer just the right amount of pop for any time, anywhere, day or night. It's the credo here at GypsyPosh really, to stay ready so no need to 'get ready,' and to always be armed with beauty, humor, joy, and of course fearless and fabulous style! So besides the already overflowing selection of properly accented beauties in the 'Mighty Pyrite' featured collection, look for these newly born babies festooning the current catalogue of inventory and you won't want to go without your very own little whisper of pyrite shimmer. 

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