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Well it's that glorious time again... When the leaves trade their green sheen for a merlot dipped prickle and chilly air comes tumbling from east to west; stirring up the senses and spurring new style inspirations. I have always loved Autumn especially; there's just soemthing so romantic about it. A perfect winding down from a blustery summer and a relief from the merciless sun at the height of August. And don't get me started on the fashion! I am always feeling excited about the new fall trends and this year is no exception. From 70's swag to bell sleeves and accents of hand embroidered patchwork I am all too ready to revise these silhouettes into a perfect dance of Bling and Autumn Sing! 

Lately I have been really in love with making more pieces that swing and sway as you move. This is especially true for some of the longer earrings and longer tasseled necklaces. Of course you can also enjoy these after you've hung up those slick bell-bottom corduroys and billowy, flouncy blouse. This is also a great way to introduce new kinds of style layering and experimentation; And GypsyPosh is ALL about experimentation. 

Previous to this moment I have strived to make pieces that were truly made to go with anything, anytime and virtually anywhere; and this is still true. Although some pieces have called for me to apply a little 'Fall Fabrication', mainly changing the way it's made and not the actual style. For instance, some more whispy pieces will be made with slightly thicker chain instead of the usual delicate chain. This is more sturdy and will withstand the backdrops of a luxe cashmere sweater or getting slightly tugged putting on and taking off a great quintessential fall trench coat. 

So dance in the rain, build a fallen leaves castle, fall in love with Fall and don't forget to sprinkle in your favorite GP classics for added warmth and satisfaction!


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