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Embellished Twig n’ Twinkle Lariats


Simple, with just the right amount of bling. Lariat necklaces are already so universally flattering that adding just a touch more shimmer makes every ensemble, no matter the occasion, that much more special. This unique necklace is undoubtedly one of our all time bestsellers. It begins with shimmering 14 Karat Gold Filled or Argentium/Sterling Silver Metal throughout, accented with tiny pyrite and or Smokey Quartz. Next are two distinct features at each end of the delicate yet durable chain: A hand-hammered loop with one of various gemstone pendants (usually Moonstone, Labradorite or other translucent and prismatic gemstone) attached. The opposite end beholds a wire-wrapped embellished ‘Twig’ to gently slide through the loop, wrap around twice to secure in place. This leaves you with a gorgeous cascade of unexpected allure as well as versatility.

Approximately 16 3/4L; Slip-Thru loop and wrap around twice to secure position anywhere along the chain. 

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